Shaun Furlong

Founder and Spiritual Facilitator

Shaun Furlong is an interfaith minister ordained in the New Thought denominations of Religious Science and Divine Science.

He strongly believes the path to happiness and fulfillment is one of courageous Self-exploration and ongoing personal spiritual discovery.

Anyone who appreciates clarity and wit on his or her spiritual path will enjoy his illuminating talks, videos, classes and workshops. 

Shaun’s personal mission is to help people grow into whatever level of spiritual maturity they are being called.

Shaun spent many years in the entertainment business, especially in the L.A. music world in the 1970s. As a pioneer in the use of (the then new) synthesizers, he worked with such music legends as the Carpenters, Billy Joel, Smokey Robinson, Seals and Crofts, Harry Nilsson and many more.  

In the movie and television business, he worked for the famous talent agent, Paul Kohner, assisting with a list of iconic actors, directors, writers, musicians and more.

In 1979, Shaun left the entertainment world and began a long and winding spiritual journey that led eventually here, to this ministry.

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