Your Garden

Your true nature – who you really are – can be thought of as a beautiful garden; a thriving expression of Divine life.

Imagine for a moment that, in this metaphorical paradise, there’s a bench where you can sit and rest, free from any form of fear or suffering. And imagine that you can experience that peaceful garden anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. 

But in reality, as nice as it sounds, that garden is not a place where you go – it actually IS you. Gandhi called it our “true nature.”

You may find this difficult to understand, and that’s OK. But the garden is a wonderful metaphor – and an important thing to be aware of (or, of which to be aware, if your a language stickler).

That’s what we want to facilitate for you – to experience your true nature. 

There is no question that many people today are trying to get back into their spiritual garden. They just need a little guidance – someone to help them remember where the gate is.

Here, there are daily emails, videos, insight pointers and more – all in the theme of spiritual freedom and real experience.


Paul McCartney once famously remarked, “I’m not religious, but I’m very spiritual.” What did he mean by that?

According to ongoing research from organizations like the Pew Research Center, there is a rapidly growing number of people who are leaving their present religious or spiritual traditions, like their conventional Sunday churches or centers. 

There are also many people today who still visit their traditional church community, some weekly, and some less frequently, but they are also called to add a deeper embodiment and practice of its principles and teachings. 

Cultivating Spirituality provides an opportunity for all such people; an illumined path that deepens and expands spiritual lives in a way that affords them respect, non-judgment, listening hearts and a more practical integration with their busy modern lifestyles.

Is that you?

We direct people to well-established, non-denominational, “spiritual but not religious” philosophies, where the deeper meaning at the core of all walks of faith is honored and explored. This is the gate to the garden.

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We will help you to the gate of the garden within you. Of course you don’t have to go through it. And even if you go in, you can go right back out anytime – no commitment, no judgment, no blame and no guilt. Just love.

Anyway, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Lastly, wherever you go, whatever you do, we wish you happiness. And you are certainly welcome here anytime.

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